About Us

Urban United is one of India’s fastest-growing men’s apparel brands in the retail sector under its parent company Bizotic Commercial Limited. Since our establishment, we have developed from a distributor to a retailer and are one of the leading names in the industry. We offer a fashionable range of menswear garments in its exclusive brand outlets (EBOs) to provide international quality garments for men at reasonable prices. The pocket-friendly aspect ensures that the clothing our products are easily accessible to customers without compromising the quality.

With the ever-expanding fashion choices, we have kept our designs simple, classic, and evergreen! Why? Because sometimes you need solid colour shirts, colour block T-shirts and comfortable jeans.

Why us?

From pants, suits, coats, and jackets for formal events to acquiring khakis, shirts, and denim, Urban United is a one-stop destination for menswear brands! Our products are assembled in-house using high-quality materials to give you the price on fashion staples that last. Each piece is designed keeping in mind the everyday fashion of today. The minimalistic styles are a go-to wear for many.

Meet The Directors

Our directors Sanjay Gupta & Inderpreet Kaur are the ones who decided to start their own business, trading fabric, based in Ahmedabad. Within a year, they started garments in Rajasthan and Urban United came into form.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta is the Managing Director and Promoter as well. He is a visionary with 30 years of experience in the fabric business.

Ms Inderpreet Kaur is one of our Directors with a decade-long experience in the field of Textiles and Garments.

Their combined experience has taken the parent company Bizotic to new heights of success - with it making headlines as a listed company in 2023!

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to create attire and items that shroud you in certainty and motivate you to continue winning.

Our Role

Our Role is to deliver the consuming drive to win, by method for making garments that flawless the mold and fit, to keep you getting it done.